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Although we can not change the past we can make the best of our future.

All profits go directly to providing strength to disabled children.

    May God bless his children with good health. When the blessing of good health is needed the most may he give us strength. 

May we find strength in the next generation, find peace in sharing our fortunes and self-gratitude in serving our community.

Whether you are here for yourself, or for a loved one, we understand you have seen better days. Some will be fortunate to find the strength of better health, and some will find peace in community service; all will find self-gratitude in helping children, all will find better days. Give and you shall receive. Our mission is to give you strength by showing you the strength you have given to a child. A child who needs your support now more than ever.

Our mission is to give you better days. Our mission is to give disabled children better days. 

I would like to share a story about the most loving person i have ever known, my mother Roseann Hudspeth Sampson.

Born Feb. 2, 1953, in Downey, CA, Roseann attended Bellflower High School, class of 1971, where she was awarded a scholarship to San Jose State University. At SJSU, she received her undergraduate degree in Psychology, graduating with great distinction in 1975. Roseann has lifetime memberships in the Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, and California Scholarship Federation societies. Rosanne had an incandescence and “joi de vie” that touched all who knew her. That beautiful smile, the contagious laugh, and her unfailingly positive energy made her friendship a truly precious treasure. Roseann loved to give of herself. A devoted Catholic, she was very active in her church, both at Santa Clara Mission and later at St. Lucy’s Church in Campbell, where she served as Eucharistic minister and choir member. Working with special needs children, she was a treatment therapist at Ming Quong Children’s Services, a Special Ed. Aide for Marshall Lane Elementary, and staffed both the Santa Clara County pilot inclusion program for special needs children at Parkway Child Development Center and Chandler Tripp School’s program for preschool children with orthopedic disabilities and developmental delays. Roseann won the SCCOE Award for Excellence in 2006. For her home and family, she was an avid gardener, and also volunteered countless hours as Cub Scout den mom, homeroom helper and Book of the Month Club member at Marshall Lane School. But for the true loves of her life - her sons Matthew and Ryan – she always had time for a bedtime story, a word of support, love, and guidance. 

I was 14 when I lost my mother. Following in her footsteps I graduated from San Jose State University in 2015 and am pursuing a career helping those with mental and physical health difficulties. 

All profits go directly to providing strength to disabled children. Strength in the form of new medical equipment, school improvements and increased funding for support staff like my mother Roseann. These schools have children that need and deserve more one and one attention than the state programs can budget for. New equipment when their parents can not afford it. And we are going to give it to them.

Thank you for your support, and may you find strength.

The Full Disclosure

How much money does Hometown Medical Supplies keep from its sales through Prescribe.xyz - We keep enough to cover our cost of goods sold. That's it. 

How do I see where the profits have gone? - This campaign is in its first year, if you have any questions or advice please direct it to me at Ryan.Sampson@Hometown-Medical.com I am still looking to find the best way to get our message out to the public so that we can raise awareness to the cause. As i write this message I have just completed creating the website and have not had a visitor yet, as you read this that will have changed.

 How are the schools picked to donate the money to? I have multiple ideas for this.

How often is the money donated and how do I see what it went to?
  • Phase 1: To begin with, we will make donations in $5,000 increments. To prove that your money is going to a just cause we will make all donations in the form of equipment. We will be posting on our blog a full financial disclosure and will provide a full financial disclosure to anyone that asks at any time, all you have to do is email Ryan.Sampson@Hometown-Medical.com
  • Phase 2: Once we are able to generate traffic to the website and increase the amount of money we can donate in a reasonable amount of time we will make donations in the form of added labor costs to the schools for disabled children. This added labor cost will be proven in our blog with the bio of the employee hired.
  • Phase 3: Structural improvements to schools for disabled children and hopefully one-day opening and supporting schools for disabled children all from the sales of this website.
It's a big dream. Its a dream that we will make happen together.

*Hometown Mediical Supplies LLC. has decided to support this plan. While all business of Hometown Medical Supplies LLC. outside of this website remains financially separate from this agreement HMS is supporting the cause by providing the customer service staff to process orders.

Medicare Competitive Bid

Medicare Competitive Bid

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